With the Moon Guide, you'll know where the deer will be and when to meet them.

Moon Guide

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You can predict the behavior of deer by the position of the Moon

The Moon Guide
- Accurately predicts the best day and time to see the most Whitetail and other deer species.
- The detailed map illustrates their preferred morning and evening locations.
- Tells you when not to hunt.

No other deer hunting guide does this.

The Deer Hunters' Moon Guide will put you in position to kill big deer period!

It's worked for me season after season.

-- Adam Hays III, owner of three 200" kills.

Where to be

The movement of deer is influenced by the position of the moon. Only the Moon Guide tells you where to be when the moon is at its peak and when it's not. No other solar lunar guide can give you the "to the minute" information the Deer Hunter's Moon Guide can.

When to be there

Moon Guide hunters know when to be in the woods to maximize their hunting opportunities.

You can now plan your hunts months in advance with an entire season's worth of information right in your hand. Know where to be and when to be there.

When not to be

The most successful trophy Whitetail hunters know one thing you don't... when not to be in the woods.

With the Moon Guide, you'll be able to accurately predict deer location and avoid spooking that trophy Whitetail you've been tracking.

Find the Deer of Your Dreams in Daylight

Not Just on the Trailcam

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The Moon Guide Difference

One Purchase for the Whole Season

You don't have to renew this app on your smartphone every month; you have the entire season from August to January right at your fingertips.

Bedding, Feeding, or in Transition?

Only the Moon Guide tells you when and where the deer will be for your best hunting opportunity.

Maximum Results with Little Impact

Maximize your hunting hours by being able to reliably predict deer behavior and location with the Moon Guide. You can reduce your time afield by knowing where to be.

Maximize your day

Get the information thousands of hunters have used since 1992.
You're just a few clicks from the best season of your life.

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